Episode 50

Published on:

18th Sep, 2022

Episode 49

Published on:

4th Sep, 2022

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About the Podcast

The Storyteller Squad
Let's have an adventure~!
Welcome adventurers~! The Storyteller Squad is a tabletop roleplaying game actual play podcast. The cast uses the Monster of the Week game system for our first campaign. Join our group of heroic monster hunters, as they discover the magic, mystery, and fantastic characters who populate the supernatural world of our story.

About your hosts

Storyteller Squad

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The Storyteller Squad is a group of cosplayers, LARPers, artists and entertainers who have come together to create a shared world of storytelling in podcast form. The current campaign uses the Monster of the Week rules system, and is based in a world that might seem very familiar, except for a few supernatural surprises. We'd love to have you join our cast of characters on their next adventure.

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Felicity Starnbrook

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Felicity has always seen things differently than most. Quite literally she can see and speak to the spirits of nature that populate the Earth. This has made it hard for her to connect with others and make friends, but luckily she’s never been truly alone, thanks to her companions Ghostie and Tom. When Felicity becomes friends with the other hunters, you don’t need to be clairvoyant to know that her life will be changed for the better.

Bethany Miller

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Bethany is a lot. Not many people can handle her disarming intensity, or her razor insight for interpersonal relationships. Bethany may be “just a normal human” when she learns of the supernatural nature of her world, but only a complete fool would miss that Bethany’s magic often shines brighter than any spell. Even so, what could a former sorority president have to offer a group of monster hunters?

Damien Edgecrest

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Damien exists to want things. As a Demon of Envy, the core of his being is a distilled need to possess things that others have. Clothes, knick-knacks, experiences, personality traits, whatever! Damien’s fascination with humans and all the things they enjoy by living on the Earth means his attention and focus are constantly shifting from one must have thing to the next. Can the other hunters befriend and learn to trust such a chaotic and unpredictable being?

Hugo Rashaad

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Hugo is thoughtful and level-headed. A man of few, but decisive words, he guards secrets with an astonishing amount of discipline. Curious then, how a quiet nerdy docent of the Autumn Falls Natural History Museum became involved in the business of monster hunting.

Raven Eugenia

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Raven has always been observant. A bit of an introvert, she’s gotten very good at watching others and seeing how patterns connect. When the creatures and events talked about on the message boards of her paranormal blog turn out to be more than works of creative fiction, what is a tech-savvy goth supposed to do? Like it or not, Raven will soon discover a world that is more magical than she ever imagined.

Aidan Brightwood

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Aidan is here to help, whether she’s giving kind words and an attentive ear to the patrons of the Maple Leaf Diner, or creating a barrier of pure celestial energy to protect the other hunters. A celestial of mysterious origins, Aidan’s commitment to protecting others means facing danger without hesitation, but several lifetimes of protecting others is bound to take its toll. Aidan might be able to heal the other hunters of their injuries, but can they manage to help this lonely angel heal from her scars?

Agent Whittaker

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Agent Whittaker is a man of focus and action. As a member of the Eastey Agency, Whittaker faces each mission knowing he has the support of a team of experts behind him. Perhaps the only thing this British veteran of monster hunting and paranormal investigation wasn’t prepared for, was befriending a group of young adults from a small rural town in the Pacific Northwest. How will this solo secret agent adjust to being part of a team?